CA88 And HealthLink Dimensions Partner To Help Marketers Go All-In On Digital

Boston — November 15, 2018  Today, CA88, a programmatic media buying services company, announced that to address a pressing market need, CA88 and HealthLink Dimensions have joined forces to create a powerful partnership, 专为满足医疗保健和医药营销高管的需求而设计,提供:

  • Industry leading programmatic power
  • The best deterministic physician and health care provider data
  • Insightful and practical analysis from experts

“我们对与HealthLink Dimensions的新结盟非常乐观,” says Raquel Rosenthal, CEO at CA88. “十多年来,我们一直在为世界各地的品牌提供程序化的CA88, and the healthcare category is ripe for digital marketing innovation.”

Health marketers are facing more challenges than ever before, 除此之外,还必须与需要持续关注的监管和HIPAA问题进行争论. Indeed, 数据激增的完美风暴和新营销技术的涌入,导致了一个即使是最成功的营销人员也从未经历过的环境.

As a result, 医疗保健营销高管正面临着无数新的复杂问题, like keeping pace with technology adoption, 创造稳定的新闻流,填满他们以前从未使用过的社交媒体渠道, 在不受规模限制的情况下,瞄准正确的受众,应对持续不断的挑战.

Programmatic On The Rise in Healthcare & Pharma

According to eMarketer, health marketers are lagging inordinately in adopting programmatic, as compared with their peers in other industry categories. Indeed, programmatic penetration is 4X as higher across other U.S. sectors, 程序化广告占医疗保健数字广告预算的19%,而其他领域占80%.

However, operating behind-the-programmatic-curve is also understandable, given the unique challenges that healthcare advertisers must navigate. 话虽如此,医疗市场营销者再也不能保持程序化的桌子. On the contrary, 资金充足、精干的新贵们正紧追不舍地追赶着行业巨头, 因此,营销人员需要尽快学会如何操纵当前的数字营销格局,以保持市场领先地位.

这正是CA88和HealthLink Dimensions合作伙伴关系寻求填补的空白:帮助健康营销人员积极追求创新举措,同时又安全成功. It’s time for health and pharma to go “all-in” on digital, 通过有效地利用所有可用的渠道和高质量的数据来实现广告目标, while also gaining scale and efficiency.

The Digital Marketing Revolution Is Well Underway

多年来,在创新的道路上遇到了各种各样的障碍, 健康营销人员现在能够使数字营销在他们的组织中成为现实, whether it be medical devices, specialty products, or services. And whether the target audience involves patients, providers, 或者付费人——数字广告可以在完成工作中扮演一个有意义的角色.

“凭借CA88在程序化广告功能领域的专业知识, and our focus on quality healthcare data, we’re excited to bring our unique partnership to clients, and help them accelerate their online marketing capabilities,” says Kevin Guthrie, president of HealthLink Dimensions.

Specifically, CA88和HealthLink Dimensions伙伴关系为医疗保健营销组织提供多方面的支持, including:

  • Efficiency. For good reason, 由于担心浪费,编程在某些圈子里名声不好, fraud and lack of transparency. 很少有可信的专家可以帮助广告商避免程序陷阱和优化ROAS, and with more than a decade of experience in the category, we offer unique expertise.
  • Scale. Proving a tactic or strategy to be successful is one thing; applying it to a global operation and at significant scale is quite another. 我们与全球品牌的实践经验和国际足迹,使我们能够支持客户深远的项目目标.
  • Tactics. Strategy and planning are critical to successful campaigns, of course, but day-to-day tactical support is where campaigns succeed or fail. We partner with clients every step of the way, 采用确定性数据的形式来追求特定的受众群体, activating proven techniques like look-alike and retargeting, and using third party data to broaden reach and penetration.
  • 创新. 这是当今通用商务词汇中最流行的词汇之一, “创新”在医疗保健营销领域是真正在进行的. 这是HIPAA之后令人窒息的监管条件的结果, 在医疗保健领域,数字营销的发展较为缓慢, as compared to early adopters like retail, hospitality, and entertainment. As a result, 对于医疗营销人员来说,我们正处于太平盛世的边缘,他们正在将自己的组织转变为以数字为中心的组织,并整合最新的技术和技术,以深化现有的客户关系,同时开发新的客户关系.

About CA88

CA88是一家程序化的购买公司,为代理机构和品牌设计. We connect people and technology to create a perfect blend of strategy, 洞察力和效率将提升任何营销团队找到巨大的成功. 我们还支持那些正在朝着程序化自给自足的方向发展的广告商,为他们提供合适的程序化平台和技术,并对他们进行培训.
Using MAIA – Marketing, 人工智能和分析-所有事物背后的机器动力和人类专业知识的和谐结合, we intelligently navigate massive data sets. MAIA使营销人员能够将数据作为货币来产生更有效的媒体购买, make better informed decisions, 优化和推动所有数字渠道和活动的表现.

CA88 is an ispDigital Group Company.  For more information, visit us at www.www.voguetrimmings.com, read our blog or follow us on Twitter @CA88_US.

About HealthLink Dimensions

HealthLink Dimensions为医疗保健和生命科学组织提供医疗保健数据CA88,以改进主数据管理, compliance and marketing initiatives.  利用最大的多源数据库的积极执业医疗保健专业人员, HealthLink Dimensions开发定制的数据CA88,以帮助客户达到其目标受众, enrich their business data, optimize claims processing, meet compliance requirements and solve master data quality problems. Based in Atlanta, GA, HealthLink Dimensions是美国发展最快的私营公司之一. 是亚特兰大最适合工作的公司之一.

有关该公司的更多信息,请访问HealthLink Dimensions网站: www.HealthLinkDimensions.com.

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