Amazon Advertising – $1 Trillion Valuation Is Just the Beginning

9月4, 2018, Amazon became the second publicly traded company in the United States to reach a $1 亿 valuation. 在中午之前, Amazon shares reached $2,050.49, before falling slightly to $2,037, ending the day just shy of the 13-figure number. Hitting this milestone in a short month after 苹果 became the first company to hit this valuation leaves many to speculate which of these 2 players will reach the $2 亿 number first.

苹果, which hit the $1 亿 revenue mark on August 2, 2018, brought in $48 billion in profits last year. Amazon, on the other hand, only saw one tenth of that profit number. 但是,有趣的是, 《ca88官网》 reported that in a Facebook poll run by a group of young Wall Street Investors, which posed the question of which company would reach $2 亿 first, the vote overwhelmingly favored Amazon. 收入较低, what makes people so confident that a company making less money will have a more profitable future?
With a very diversified plan for the future, t在这里 are a few different aspects of Amazon’s strategy that give people confidence in the company – for example its breakout into health and pharmaceuticals, AI advancements and physical stores. But the one offering that most feel will propel Amazon into their successful future is advertising. Back in January, we wrote about how Amazon took 4th place for display ad buying in 2017 and is keeping its eyes on 3rd place. This growth has not slowed down with their ad business recently surpassing $2 billion in quarterly sales. This number might seem small when compared to 数字 ad giants, Google – who brought in $35 billion in 数字 ad dollars in 2017 – and Facebook – $17.370亿年. 然而, Amazon has not come anyw在这里 close to capping the advertising capabilities on their different platforms.

Before making any major additions to its advertising, 亚马逊刚刚宣布 that they are rebranding themselves. 为了避免混淆. Amazon Advertising will now encompass Amazon Media Group, Amazon Marketing Services and Amazon Ad Platform.

  • Amazon Media Group: This group handled customized ads that required special collaboration from Amazon.
  • Amazon Marketing Services: This is w在这里 brands and agencies could participate in ad auctions and buy display, 搜索和视频广告
  • Amazon Ad Platform: This is w在这里 advertisers were able to target ads outside of Amazon

As Amazon Advertising now encompasses all of these areas, Amazon Marketing Services will be referred to ad “advertising console” and Amazon Ad Platform will now be known as Amazon DSP. Senior VP of Amazon Advertising stated, “This is another step towards our goal of providing advertising solutions that are simple and intuitive for the hundreds of thousands of advertisers who use our products.” This simple brand change will enable the company to push further into 数字 advertising.

Most of Amazon’s current advertising dollars come from product search results and sellers sponsor product slots. They are at a huge advantage as they collect data from consumers actual shopping habits, rather than just interests and searches. When ads are placed on Amazon, advertisers have a great opportunity to reach consumers at the critical moment when they are about to make a purchase.

除此之外, Amazon has great opportunities to build advertising products on top of its existing properties, giving them a larger market share of the $88 billion 数字 ad industry. T在这里 is talk that they will soon sell ad space on their Thursday night football stream Twitch, a live streaming video platform. Twitch users could soon see ads if they opted out of the $9/month premium subscription. And, Amazon has yet to run ads on Amazon Prime Video. These are a few of the tactics that Amazon might introduce to reach $22 billion in 数字 ad revenue by 2020, making them the third largest 数字 advertiser.

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