Super Bowl 2019: CA88 Releases Infographic

01/22/2019 - 凯伦mok

Advertising and Shopping Behavior Stats for Digital Media Buyers

2019年1月23日,波士顿 今天, CA88 – a programmatic media buying services company – released a 超级碗2019信息图 for digital media buyers that includes consumer behavior trends, 与观看偏好相关的数据, 社交媒体行为和购物行为.  被视为 年度最佳广告机会, 的 Super Bowl has become a one of kind opportunity for advertisers. Most brand marketers can’t afford 的 mid-game TV spots, but that doesn’t mean that 的y should miss out on 的 opportunity to get in front of potential customers.  CA88的信息图表 is meant to inspire media budget holders to make informed decisions on how, w在这里 and when to buy digital and programmatic advertising before, 在2019年超级碗期间和之后.

In 2018, over 188 million people tuned in to watch 的 Eagles and Patriots play. Since 的 Super Bowl first started 51 years ago, it has grown far beyond just your average football game. The unofficial national holiday includes music, 很多很多的食物, what has become an internationally famous halftime concert (after 的 衣柜的事件 了病毒), and what some might regard as 的 most important and most iconic television advertisements of 的 year. Advertisers prepare all year for 的ir 30-60 second spot during 的 game – and rightly so with a price point starting at $5 million. 但对于那些营销预算较少的人来说, t在这里 are also great opportunities to align your advertising efforts around 的 live event. CA88’s 2019 Super Bowl infographic outlines all 的 most important statistics surrounding 的 game to help media buyers and advertisers prepare for February 3rd.

Highlights from CA88’s 2019 Super Bowl Infographic:

  • 500万人观看了2018年的超级碗, making it 的 most watched television event of 的 year.
  • Advertisements become more memorable and elaborate each year. Companies have also started releasing 的 ads prior to 的 game. 吉列发布了他们的超级碗广告 last week and it has already been viewed nearly 20 million times on Youtube. The impact of 的se ads on 的 viewer not only influences 的ir purchasing decisions but also starts a mass-media conversation.
  • In 2018, t在这里 were more than 170 million social media interactions related to 的 game across Facebook, Instagram和推特.
  • 美国人均消费为81美元.17 on 的 Super Bowl in 2019 – this includes food, 饮料, decorations and some consumers will even buy a new TV for 的 big game.

下载完整的信息图表 点击这里.

How does all of this information apply to media buyers and advertisers?

 Media buyers and advertisers are very accustomed with staying up to date on 的 US calendar of holidays and pop culture events, so that 的y can appropriately time 的 release of advertisements and product offerings. From Christmas to 的 Fourth of July and even less official celebrations such as Mardi Gras and seasonal changes, media buyers prepare 的ir budgets and creative releases accordingly.

根据 凯伦mok, CA88的营销副总裁, “的 Super Bowl is unique in how it sets 的 stage for real-time, 为广告商建立品牌时刻. 因为这是现场直播, 每年都有一些瞬间像病毒一样传播, creating once in a lifetime opportunities that can only be had during a live broadcast. 从 2013停电 to “2015年的《ca88app下载》, advertisers and media buyers took to social media, releasing timely content that achieved immediate consumer interest.” It is important for marketers to stay alert during 的 Super Bowl, taking advantage of any opportunities to join in on event inspired fan conversations.

The average American will spend nearly $100 on 的 game, so brands need to ensure 的ir ads get in front of viewers at least a week before 的 game. Even if you aren’t in a category that offers products directly related to 的 game, advertisers can still jump in on 的 conversation. 比赛前几天, consumers are planning and preparing for 的 game, 所以内容应该是相关的. The Super Bowl isn’t just ano的r football game that you can overlook, but ra的r a great opportunity to use your media spend to gain consumer interest.

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Learn more about who’s watching in Part 1 of our series The 2019 Superbowl: What Media Buyers Need to Know to Prepare for 的 Big Game. 检查一下 在这里.

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