为2021年夏季旅行做准备:旅行的7个贴士 & 旅游数字营销人员

4/29/2021 -塞拉杜西

As consumers grow more comfortable leaving their quarantine bubbles and travel restrictions begin to lift, 专家预测人们将乘坐飞机, 火车, 以及创纪录的汽车数量.

More specifically, experts project this influx of travel to peak in the summer months. TripAdvisor的最新报告称:2021年夏季旅游指数,” states that 67% of Americans are planning to travel this summer (June-August). 74% of this group plan to travel domestically, while 13% will take their travel outside our borders. 

旅游品牌正努力从过去一年的挑战中复苏, knowing how best to reach and interact with consumers as they browse and hunt for their vacations is essential. 不管是先进的清洁方案还是免费取消, let’s jump into what consumers expect and are looking for from travel brands before they hit the road this summer. 


正如上面提到的, 尽管今年夏天美国消费者更愿意去旅行, 仍然存在某些期望,他们必须感到这样做很舒服. 以下是一些顶级品牌在夏季应该注意的趋势, 包括消费者期望的住宿. 


根据 YouGov, 57% of travelers rank cleanliness or hygiene as the top factor in selecting which airlines to fly and which hotels to book — outranking cost. 


Consumers want the assurance that if plans change, they won’t lose their entire trip cost. 的一项研究 Squaremouth, 旅游保险公司, 发现越来越多的人在购买旅游保险, 特别是COVID-19好处, 今年. Roughly 27% of purchasers are springing for the ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ upgrade compared to the 19% who did so in 2020.

研究. 研究. 研究. 

过去一年, 消费者一直梦想着他们的下一个度假地点——去哪里度假, 保持, 以及该怎么做. So, 终于到了预定这次期待已久的旅行的时候了, 他们会花更多的时间研究, cost-comparing, 阅读评论来预定他们的完美假期. 预订.Com发现,95%的旅行者都在寻找度假的灵感, with over a third of them (38%) looking at potential travel destinations as often as once a week. 


Some people have an increase of expendable income brought on by a year of savings. 另一些人发现,低成本航班允许更多的住宿支出. 与此同时,有些人有了新的灵活性,可以在任何地方工作. 或者其他人只是有强烈的逃离欲望. 不管什么原因,旅行者都选择了较长的R&R. 在同样的旅行顾问研究中提到, 他们发现,29%的旅行者会选择为期一周的旅行. In comparison, nearly the same amount (28%) will extend their trip to 10 days. 


Beach destinations will shine this summer, according to the Trip Advisor study. Specifically, consumers are looking for beach resorts and all-inclusive destinations. 找到完整的国内旅游目的地列表 在这里


Although consumers have been dreaming up their ideal vacation destination and will be opting for longer trips, t在这里 is an outlier trend that travel marketers can’t forget about this summer: last-minute getaways. 

随着消费者接受我们的观望态度, 方法, 并理解指导方针和限制可以迅速变化, 他们会选择适合公路旅行的目的地. 2020年,我们看到公路旅行的流行度急剧上升. 最近的一项研究 五十大 found that people felt most comfortable with hitting the road themselves in all travel-related activities. 反过来,我们也不认为这一趋势会放缓.

这自然使它有更多的最后时刻, 旅游营销人员应该准备的自发旅行. So, whether it is a spontaneous decision or a spur-of-the-moment trip to visit family, travel marketers need to shell out some of their time and attention to this quick-thinking (and booking) group of vacationers. 


Understanding how travelers will think this summer and what they will prioritize from brands will help set a creative direction for your advertising campaigns. 但, how you get these ads in front of consumers will be faced with stiff competition as travel brands compete to secure these travel dollars. 

An innovative and effective digital strategy ensures reaching these consumers at the right moment as they browse, 研究, 并最终预订他们的旅行. 下面, we’ve outlined seven digital strategies all travel marketers should consider implementing before the busy summer ahead. 

1. 使用旅游意向数据定位受众

通过包括忠诚度在内的独特数据联系旅行者, 搜索和预订数据, 旅游模式, 趋势, and behavior from close to one billion monthly unique traveler profiles across more than 200 of the world’s top travel brands. This data allows marketers to see reach audiences through every stage of the booking journey, 如: 

  • 谁想预定旅行
  • 谁预定了去你目的地的旅行
  • 谁预订了去竞争激烈的目的地的旅行.

2. 信用卡数据

类似于旅行意图数据, 通过执行第三方信用卡数据, 即使消费者做出购买决定,品牌也可以继续接触到他们. 这些数据有助于接触到以下消费者:  

  • 预订了机票但没有预订酒店的消费者
  • 预订了酒店但没有航班的消费者
  • Consumers who have 保持ed at “X” hotel in the last few months (competitive conquesting)

Check out how our team used Visa data segments to help our luxury resort client target travelers who had 保持ed at competitor’s hotels in the past. 了解更多 在这里

3. 动态创意优化(DCO)

消费者对即将到来的旅游季节抱有很高的期望. DCO technology creates personalized ads based on data about the viewer at the moment when ads are served. This gives brands the ability to quickly iterate which ad creative they are displaying based on the user’s intent – showcasing the different ways you are meeting their expectations. 

4. 缴纳社会

社交媒体的影响力远远超出了零售和电子商务. Over half of millennials have decided to visit a particular location after seeing user-generated photos on 社会 media. 60%的人实际上使用社交媒体来选择他们的旅游目的地. 品牌需要社交媒体来吸引活跃的社交媒体用户. A 支付社会策略 helps amplify your reach to find new prospects and encourages website and landing page visits.

5. 付费搜索和广泛匹配

如上所述,今年夏天对旅行者的研究将是大量的. Trip Advisor found that nearly 3/4 of travelers will spend more time choosing a destination 今年. Implementing broad match technology allows you to reach the widest audience via 搜索和关键字使用. 当使用这种策略时, your ads are eligible to appear whenever a user 搜索es any word in your key phrase, 以任意顺序. 

6. 定位目标

Create custom location-based audiences by setting a specific radius that can be targeted on display or mobile devices. This gives marketers the ability to target people currently or who have previously traveled to a particular destination. 

7. 自适应细分

随着越来越多的消费者浏览旅游信息, you want to ensure your marketing dollars reach your ideal and most engaged audience. Adaptive segmentation allows you to develop custom segments based on observed behaviors to reach the most qualified audience segment. 这让你有能力根据属性细分消费者,如: 

  • 曾多次访问您的预订网站的消费者
  • 放弃预订车的消费者 
  • 已经点击了广告但尚未转换的消费者.

这在对夏季旅行的预测中很明显, 消费者们希望走出家门,寻找温暖, 阳光明媚的目的地. Weather triggering gives you the ability to deliver ads based on real-time weather conditions. 通过设置寒冷天气触发器, 狂风暴雨的, 或雨天, 你可以利用突出你的热带地区的广告来吸引消费者的情感, 阳光明媚的目的地. 


消费者对品牌的期望越来越坚定. This means it’s more essential them ever to market to consumers for the moment. 要做到这一点,方法就是适时地、战略性地进行数字广告宣传. 夏季将于6月20日正式开始, which means travel brands have about two months to ensure they’ve set up for success for the season ahead. 


无论是帮助一家独特的邮轮公司,比如 巴哈马天堂, a 滑雪小镇,或者一个 热带岛屿的旅游局, at CA88, we know what it takes to employ a successful travel marketing strategy: a data-driven planning discipline with flawless execution across programmatic, 搜索, 社会, 及以后. 

我们和阿达拉的合作关系, Expedia, 和Trip Advisor让我们的客户可以获得独家的旅行数据. 把这个和我们的 媒体专家 和总理 报告和数据分析; we ensure every client thrives in this ultra-competitive market. 

你有兴趣了解更多我们的旅游营销专业知识吗? 了解更多CA88的CA88 在这里. 如果你准备投资你的数字营销策略, 我们很想讨论一个符合你需要的计划. 让我们谈谈.

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