Case Study

Orange Juice Brand Maximizes Consumer Demand For Juice Products

CPG Brand

How could a leading CPG orange juice brand maximize consumer demand among Millennial Moms?


CA88 deployed a programmatic advertising strategy that leveraged mobile app audience data and insights made available through PushSpring, a mobile app audience data provider, to create a custom audience of potential orange juice purchasers. This custom audience was made up of Millennial Moms who share the following behaviors and interests:

  • Shopped at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Kroger or Costco
  • Have mobile apps such as Pinterest, Parents Magazine, or Family Locator

To measure audience responsiveness and campaign performance, CA88 generated a custom attribution report to report on brand lift and purchase intent. In addition, the CA88 and client teams created a five question survey to gauge the following: intent to purchase, brand consideration, spending habits, and more. Survey responses were then broken down by audience demographics resulting in a better understanding of target potential orange juice purchasers and audience-optimized programmatic advertising strategy.

In conclusion, these insights led to a successful programmatic campaign; we achieved the highest CTP from Millennial Moms – hitting the target audience requested from the client.


.30% CTR

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