不足为奇的是,超过80%的美国人使用像Facebook这样的知名网站, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to stay connected in various communities and informed about current events. 社交媒体的影响力已经帮助许多不同的行业发生了转变, from online advertising to e-commerce–but little estimated the true magnitude of social media’s impact on the political landscape.

无论政治立场, it is clear that social media played a huge role in the 2016 election and the campaign cycles that followed. 但总体来说, most political campaigns are still lagging in utilizing social media to capture the attention of younger generations. 随着2020年大选的临近, political advertisers need to update their paid social strategy to engage Millennials.


选举即将到来, Millennials are projected to grow into the largest generation in the electorate, 使他们成为理想的目标人群. 2016年大选估计有6200万千禧一代有资格投票, 超过了X一代,接近7000万婴儿潮一代. Additionally, 千禧一代的资格只会越来越高, 与婴儿潮一代相反的增长趋势相比.

But despite positive growth, Millennials fail to compete on the number of actual voters. 2016 results showed approximately only half of Millennials voted versus a near 70% voter turnout from Baby Boomers. While it is true that historical data points to low voter turnout among young adults, 千禧一代仍在参与政治. 无论是为了改变政策联系政客, 为社会事业而抗议, 或者作为公民志愿者参与. 为政治运动, 现在比以往任何时候都更重要的是,他们要与千禧一代的选民见面, 这也包括社交渠道. Below are a few steps that serve as a great starting point for political advertisers looking to drive engagement among Millennials.  


平均而言,政治预算只花费2美元.7-5.1%的媒体预算用于数字广告, 而50%的预算被分配给电视广告和直接邮件.

在2016年总统大选中, 特朗普指出了数字媒体的潜力, 将44%的媒体预算投入到数字宣传活动中. 随着用户转向在线获取信息的方法, campaigners need to avoid outdated advertising methods and shift their strategy online as well.

2. 建立强大的品牌

Building a strong social media presence is essential for any political candidate at any level. It allows the campaign to engage under a unifying theme through audio-visual experiences and real-time interactions.  

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a perfect example of a social media master. 即使是作为一名新议员和有史以来最年轻的国会女议员, AOC在政治领域积聚了不可否认的力量. She took to the digital stage to share personal anecdotes as well as her political platform, 在国会山建立了最热心的追随者之一.

3. 实时对话

Twitter在政客和选民中获得了最大的吸引力. 之前character-capped推, politicians had few opportunities to share opinions frequently; now, the platform serves as a direct communication platform for campaigners to be more connected to followers and transparent in terms of policy stance. It allows politicians to gauge sentiment in real-time and take appropriate action to engage their audience.


在一天结束的时候, 选民希望自己被倾听, 而社交媒体是一座桥梁,为选民提供了发声的平台. 通过优先考虑数字战略, political campaigners can effectively push their message to a large audience and closer connect to Millennial constituents.


In 2018, an estimated $46 billion was spent on programmatic advertising by all Internet marketers. It’s further projected that by 2020 up to 90 percent of all the display ads you see on your cellphone screen will be programmatic.

In short, 这种数字技术正在革新广告业务的运作方式, 以及你将如何开展下一场旅游营销活动. 所以我们应该从回答一个基本问题开始.


You see the fruits of programmable ad strategy just about every time you go online. Conduct an Internet search to find a nearby coffeehouse in Schenectady and you’re suddenly assailed with display ads for Schenectady coffeehouses on seemingly every web page.

In the early days of Internet marketing, you had to place your display ads…somewhere. Maybe you put an ad for a Cancun weekend getaway on Travelocity and trusted that at least a few people going to that page on that site were looking into Mexican resort vacations.

Programmatic advertising doesn’t wait for interested Cancun travelers to land where your ad happens to be. Google algorithms track individuals who’ve used search terms and visited websites that identify them as having an interest in Cancun travel.

That’s critical because most people don’t even notice display ads…except those that match a current need. A Cancun weekend getaway ad will totally escape your attention unless you happen to be conducting Internet research regarding pricing and availability of Cancun travel packages.

It’s much different than the old “spray and pray” advertising approach of dropping ads everywhere your budget will allow where you think interested parties just might show up.

写作campaign-effective kpi

问题是,你的程序化广告的好坏取决于你的程序化广告的好坏. 一旦你启动了你的活动,它就会按你说的去做. But how do you know you’re telling your automated campaign to do smart and cost-effective things? 这就是kpi的作用所在.

Your key performance indicators are your documentation of what you want your programmatic advertising campaign to accomplish – and then what it did. 如果你和一个有计划的伙伴一起工作, they can advise you on the KPIs that are most relevant for your brand and other digital efforts and how your campaign may stack up against the competition.


Now that you know the basics of running a programmatic campaign for travel advertising, let’s look at some indicators you might consider tracking to measure performance.

  1. 独特网站访问者的数量 -这个数字不能告诉你很多东西,但这是一个很好的起点. 如果你知道你的平均每月独立访客数, you can easily get a quick snapshot of performance by checking out your new numbers after campaign launch.
  2. 转化率 -用户登陆登陆页面后会做什么? 你想让他们做什么? 观看目的地视频? 下载一个小册子? 注册你的电子邮件通讯? 有多少人在做这件事? 这便是A/B测试的有效策略. 用它来比较不同报价和创造性方法的有效性.
  3. 观众参与与销售 — You want engagement and sales, especially among your most valuable audience members. 通过这次竞选活动,你期望能接触到多少合格的潜在客户? How many leads do you need to convert to paying customers to justify the media spend?
  4. 投资回报 - ROI总是你的底线营销指标,不是吗? For many ad managers, it’s the difference between that next promotion or budget increase.


没有任何程序化的广告活动是静态的. While your ad placement is automated, your job doesn’t end after hitting a few buttons. 您必须不断地分析度量标准, 看看哪些符合kpi,哪些不符合, 调整你的信息和布局策略,以获得更好的结果.

只要你这么做, you’ll find your mistakes early and be able to reconfigure quickly and cost-effectively.


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