MIT Technology Review Custom & CA88 Announce a New Whitepaper

Cross-platform. Big Data. Attribution. Retargeting. You know the terms, but might not understand them in the context of today’s programmatic ecosystem. That’s where we come in.

Digital advertising’s promise has always been the measurable delivery of personalized messages at scale. Today, the reality is still frustratingly complex – effective tracking and measurement is tough, but not impossible.
Want to find out Big Data’s weaknesses, the realities of retargeting and the future of cross-device tracking?
To break down the pitfalls and points of confusion surrounding the programmatic landscape, we teamed up with MIT Technology Review Custom on our latest whitepaper, “Addressing Four Key Issues for Successful Programmatic Ad Buying.” The result is a powerful resource for digital marketers.

Download our free whitepaper and empower yourself to make informed decisions as you plan your 2015 digital strategy.
Addressing Four Key Issues for Successful Programmatic Ad Buying

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