In B2B Marketing Nothing Beats Knowing

More years ago then I care to remember, I entered the publishing business where I sold ad space for the leading electronics trade publication in the world.  My boss at the time taught me that in order to gain a position of strength within a market; one must gain a wholly accurate understanding of what is going on within every market they serve. He explained that once you know what makes a company move up or down as a business, you can tailor your sales pitch to them specifically. Knowing the market is how my company at the time established our clients and served their business interests, which led us down the path to success.

Although much has changed since my time in publishing, one thing remains fundamental in marketing; the value of knowing one’s target audience. The more you know about your target audience’s decision making processes, the closer you can get to them when they are actively seeking to procure new products and services.

The internet has opened new doors in terms of getting to know one’s target audience because its infrastructure sits upon vast amounts of data that can tell us about a user’s behaviors and interests. CA88 makes it possible for B2B marketers to utilize this data as a basis for identifying companies and their collective interests. These insights ultimately allow for predictive analytics which can then be shaped into business outcomes for marketers. CA88 has the technology to create a new commercial highway of two way traffic between the buyer and the seller so that B2B marketers can finally know what resonates with their best customers and prospects.

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